Lola Cheng 100% Mulberry Silk Nursing Privacy Cover - Best Gifts for Mother's Day
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Lola Cheng Pink Silk Scarf Elegant
Lola Cheng Pink Mulberry Silk Scarf, Silk Hijab, Silk Shawl
Lola Cheng 5-IN-1 Mulberry Silk Scarf, Shawl, Beach Cover Up, Lingerie Accessory, & Nursing Scarf - Best Gifts for Moms
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100% Mulberry Silk Nursing Scarf Pink

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  • KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE: No harsh dyes. No harsh chemicals. 100% natural mulberry silk. Keep toxins away from your baby's mouth and skin! Other materials such as cotton have dyes and chemicals to treat, which can have harmful side effects. 
  • HAPPY BABY & BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Truly breathable and soft. It feels divine on the skin. Babies love it! No more overheated crying baby. 
  • NURSING WITH EASE & CONFIDENCE: Semi-sheer, so it allows easy visibility with your baby at all times. Unlike traditional nursing covers, babies do not feel scared, because their view is not blocked. Who would enjoy eating in the dark confined little space?! 
  • STAY FRESH EVERYWHERE: Only use high grade long-strand 100% mulberry silk, the most expensive kind… so it DOES NOT snag or wrinkle easily. You will look fresh and chic all day long.
  • WOW, THAT ROSY GLOW! - Scientifically backed, orange is the most sensual color on the planet. It gives us instant chicness with a hint of rosy glow. The subtle pearl shine of genuine mulberry silk enhances our natural complexion… so NO MORE DULL SKIN!
  • ADD GLAMOUR TO YOUR LIFESTYLE ON ALL OCCASIONS: 70 by 25.5 inches - Trendy neck scarf, beautiful head scarf, elegant evening shawl, irresistible lingerie accessory, and sexy bikini cover up.
  • FREE BONUS SCARF STYLING CREATION GUIDE (digital) and exquisite gift packaging included.