Our Vision

The driving idea behind LOLA CHENG is to build a brand that is rooted in China’s thousand-year history of exquisite craftsmanship, bringing royal-infused, creative, contemporary, yet exotic design in lines of meaningful products, to enhance people’s life in a brand new, sensual and healthy way, close to core, close to nature. In Chinese, it is to embody the philosophy of “天人合一“ (Tian Ren He Yi).

What We Believe

At LOLA CHENG, embodying beauty is more than just having a pair of new shoes. We aren’t interested in a quick fix or a beauty solution that cannot fundamentally improve how our body functions. The skin is our largest organ. It provides an outer representation of who we are and how we care for ourselves. 

At its core, happy wife, happy family! Happy babies, brighter future!! 

Allow us to reveal to you the ancient Eastern practice, the magical fabrics and elements through lines of design that are good to us both inside and out… Support us to experience life elegantly, while embodying the essence of timeless beauty and joy in zen fashion!

I’ll wrap up my little writing with a poem from Li Bai, a famous romantic poet in Tang Dynasty. 

                                  —— Li Bai

With love,
Liz xx    

San Diego                      

About Our Logo 

The non-shaded geometric form is the word, “beauty”, in Oracle Bone Script, the most ancient integrated Chinese characters in the world dated more than 3,000 years ago.