Beauty Secrets From Ancient Chinese Royals And 5 Tips To Get Age Defying Radiant Skin, While Looking Fabulous

For more than a thousand years, silk was a luxury enjoyed exclusively by Chinese royalty. The Romans coveted the secret of silk, which they were convinced was made from thread growing from a tree. The wealthy and powerful the ancient world over, in fact, coveted the secret. The Chinese threatened to immediately execute anyone who shared it with outsiders.

The tale goes that in China’s Han Dynasty, Princess HePin refused a politically advantageous marriage arranged by her father, Emperor Liu, unless he would share the technique of silk making with artisans in the Xiongnu Empire where she was to reside. Though he had unlimited authority and influence, the Emperor agreed. The technique eventually spread from China to Japan, India, Italy and finally France.

It was truly bold on Princess HePin's part. That she struck out on her own to negotiate a deal in Imperial China is proof of silk's total irresistibility. The fabric of royalty, silk has long been synonymous with luxury and beauty, and silk scarves are considered a timeless fashion accessory. Silk's unique properties make it an unparalleled means to make yourself radiant.

In Western society, much of the fanfare around silk happens at a SUPERFICIAL LEVEL. However, SILK has tremendously POWERFUL BENEFITS that remain UNTAPPED in THE WEST.

5 tips to use a silk scarf to achieve a natural, radiant glow. Women over 40 will benefit the most, but any woman can use silk to capitalize on her natural beauty. 

1. Wear genuine, 100-percent silk scarves. Our skin does not age evenly. The thin leathery skin around the neck is often the tell-tale sign of aging. An amazing natural material, silk contains 18 powerful amino acids and antioxidants that complement and heal human skin. Wearing silk can help repair damaged cells, promote cell regeneration and condition the skin to allow for greater elasticity and resilience. Wearing silk can also prevent “Turkey Neck".

2. Opt for long-strand mulberry silk. Choose scarves made from high-grade, long-strand mulberry silk. Long-strand mulberry silk is regarded as the finest, strongest and most expensive natural fabric in the world. It is truly the royalty of fabrics.Thanks to its durability, mulberry silk doesn't snag or wrinkle easily. When you choose a mulberry silk scarf, you can count on it to help you look stylish and feel fresh all day long.

3. Consider scarf colors carefully. As we age, our hair turns grey and our skin color fades. Choosing a scarf color with your eye color or outfit in mind no longer works. Instead, choose cheerful, vibrant colors that will complement your complexion while illuminating your skin and bringing out a hint of rosy glow. Hot pink, bright orange, and Chinese royal red are excellent choices. Stay away from pastels, which tends to make skin look washed out.

4. Avoid skinny scarves. Skinny scarves just don't work. Instead of choosing ultra-slim styles, look for silk scarves with a bit of volume. Your scarf shouldn't be bulky but should be big enough to fully cover your neck. Choosing a silk scarf with the right amount of volume directs attention to the first half of the upper body, making it an elegant way to hide that extra bit of fluff that holiday treats put on your waistline. Remember that the right silk scarf can both make you look thinner and feel more confident. 

5. Wear your silk scarf outdoors all four seasons and indoors if air conditioning is in use. Are we joking? No. In truth, this is the most important tip of all. For Imperial Chinese royalty and modern-day Chinese people alike, protecting the skin is of the utmost importance. Consider this little fact: More umbrellas are sold in China during the summer than in the rainy season. In fact, avoiding direct sun exposure as much as possible is second nature to many Chinese ladies.

When outdoors, use your scarf to cover up exposed skin. You'll look pretty and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. Because silk naturally wicks moisture away from your skin, you'll also stay comfortable and fresh even when it's warm. If you're in an air-conditioned room, wear your scarf around your neck. AC tends to dry out skin over time, which compromises its elasticity and glow. 


We adore silk because this magic fabric has true transformational power. It can help us age elegantly while embodying the true essence of timeless beauty. Pleasurable to the touch and beneficial to the body both inside and out, there's no doubt why Princess Hepin was willing to act so boldly for silk. 

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